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The Radhe Group of Energy, founded by Dr. Shailesh Makadia, is India's fast upgrowing private enterprise in the renewable energy sector. The Group's core focus is on Renewable Energy with a diversified balanced portfolio of assets in Casting, Consumer goods, Corporate farming, Packaging, Media and Real Estate.

Backward & forward vertical integration has been the keystone of the growth and success of Radhe. Starting with Bio-coal in the late nineties, Radhe pursued a strategy of backward & forward vertical integration - meeting the nation's energy and environment challenges by developing technology based solutions for multitudes of Industries.

This choice of strategic focus has enabled the Group to target its energy and investment, constantly finding new solutions and models appreciated by customers world-wide.

Core Vision:-
Radhe's Vision for the future is seen through the keen eyes of the present. We are well aware that we must lay the foundation today for a promising future.
  • To bring green revolution by making global society self-sufficient with renewable and sustainable energy by replacing fossil fuel, thus leading to cleaner environment for the next generation.

  • To make giant global presence with our capabilities, creativity resources in diversified business sectors.

Core Values of the Group...the TIES that bind us

To trust, respect and support each other to achieve corporate vision.

Commitment to act in an ethical, honest, fair and transparent manner.

Always encourage calculated venture with creativity which leads to win-win relationships.

Social Responsibility
Promoting renewable, sustainable and healthy growth of the society.

Radhe Group of Energy

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