Biomass / Coal Gasification

Gasification is mainly a thermo-chemical process that converts organic/ fossil fuel, agro solid waste and bio-solid waste based carbonaceous material in to carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane as a useful clean and combustible gaseous fuel called PRODUCER GAS or SYNGAS.

Waste Tyre / Waste Plastic Recycling Pyrolysis Process

Pyrolysis Of Waste Hydro Carbon (WHC) is not a combustion it is 100% conversion of Waste Hydro Carbon into Valuable Hydro Carbon. Technically it is thermal degradation of waste material in the absence of Oxygen(O2), causing it to break down into materials that they were made of Generaly WHC breaks into main Three Products.

Drying Technology

We are expert for solution of suitable drying technology with input of our long R&D work & experience in the field of thermal gasification & renewable energy. Based on client’s requirements & our vast techno commercial and field experience we will help to select the best technology which has high energy efficiency, better safety, economical & environment friendly.

Biomass Briquetting Technology

Radhe engineering Co. is the core company of Radhe Group of Energy mainly engaged in the Research & Development, Manufacturing and Marketing of Renewable Energy Projects mainly in Biomass Energy since 1995.….

CO (Carbon Monoxide) Generation Technology

Synmaxx is a newly developed system by Radhe Renewable Energy Development Pvt LtdSynmaxx is an advance process in which CO and H2 is produced with controlled O2 enrichment with air or purely with O2. This process will give heat value in between 2000-2200 kcal/Nm3 of syngas .The process is known as Thermo Chemical Conversion that converts solid biomass/coal to a meadium heating value (MHV) gaseous fuel called “SYNGAS”. Due to high heat value can be used for different application effectively.

Power Generation (Gasification to Engine)

Gasification is a technology that converts carbon containing material like coal, biomass, RDF etc in to the syn gas. We know that this gas is being used in thermal application all over world. But as technology upgrade now this gas after cleaning & after some technology up gradation can be used for power generation.

Waste Heat Recovery (Heat Pipe Base)

ECONOTHERM® provides solutions to complex waste heat recovery applications for industrial users wishing to reduce operating costs and carbon emissions. Econotherm heat pipe exchangers offer many distinct advantages over more common technologies.

Fluidized Bed Hot Air Generators

The development of fluidized bed combustion technology over the past 25 years has significantly increased use of various biomass and waste products in power and heat generation. It converts agriculture and biomass waste fuels & any type of coal (POWEDERY COAL) into highly efficient energy.