Synmaxx is a newly developed system by Radhe Renewable Energy Development Pvt Ltd. Synmaxx is an advance process in which CO and H2 is produced with controlled O2 enrichment with air or purely with O2. This process will give heat value in between 2000-2200 kcal/Nm3 of syngas .The process is known as Thermo Chemical Conversion that converts solid biomass/coal to a meadium heating value (MHV) gaseous fuel called “SYNGAS”. Due to high heat value can be used for different application effectively.

This syngas (CO+H2) is fuel for many different applications of chemical industries like reduction reaction, Alcohol synthesis, pesticides industries, shaft power, thermal power or electricity in the equipment like, IC engines, furnaces, kilns dryers, rolling mills and heat treatment equipment.

Synmaxx is differs from a combustor in that the amount of air or oxygen available inside the system is carefully controlled so that only a relatively small portion of the fuel burns completely. This “partial oxidation” process provides the heat. Rather than burning, most of the carbon-containing feedstock is chemically broken apart by the heat and pressure in the system. The Synmaxx takes Coal, steam and enriched air/oxygen and applies heat to make syngas – a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Non-carbon based material in the fuel separates out; leaving the bottom of the System in the form of ash.

The hot gas is feed to the kiln for requirement/generation of heat as well as reduction agent in Iron ore furnace/kiln.

The economic advantages over the calorific value and volume of Producer gas have made this technology more attractive for industrial purpose particularly for direct combustion applications and chemical reaction applications.


  • Phosgene industry
  • Any industry which require purest form of CO.

CO (Carbon Monoxide) Generation Technology